patient stories

Jerry Dove

An experience worth telling

Former County Commissioner Jerry Dove had trouble with his knees for years. “Walking was a problem,” Jerry said, “I couldn’t exercise or do yard work and I was taking two pain pills a day for knee pain.” Jerry wasn’t looking forward to more knee surgery, but when the pain became debilitating and was keeping him from the things that he wanted to do, he decided to talk with Brett LaFleur, MD, orthopedic surgeon.

“A friend of mine had both knees replaced by Dr. LaFleur, and he was doing well. I started asking around, and everything I heard about him was positive,” commented Jerry Dove.

Jerry had both knees replaced in December. At seven months post-surgery, he was getting around very well. “I walk every day, a half mile or more and I swim at the YMCA three times a week for an hour. I did physical therapy for four months. Rehab was fantastic. We started right away, the same day of my surgery.”

“I was so impressed with the surgery department. It was very professional. Top notch. I think everyone introduced themselves to me and told me what they were going to do. I felt like I was in good hands. I was well taken care of after the surgery. The nurses on the second floor were wonderful. In fact, I have never been treated so well in a hospital and I’ve had seven or eight surgeries. The nurse who wheeled me out sent me off with a big hug.”

“Having my knees replaced here has been excellent. I’m glad to be active again, doing the things I enjoy. I can do more for my wife now, and I don’t have to take pain pills for knees anymore. My quality of life is 100% improved. I am a big supporter of Dr. LaFleur and this hospital. If I had to do over again, I would do it here, with him. It’s really great to have this quality of care in our community.”