Lifestyle Medicine

Treating disease through healthy lifestyle habits, reducing the need for medication

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Do you struggle with diabetes, heart disease, weight control, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tobacco use, osteoarthritis or cancer? Our Lifestyle Medicine program provides a whole-person approach that combines the best of traditional medicine and evidence-based natural remedies to get to the root cause of disease.

Lifestyle Medicine benefits everyone, regardless of diagnosis, by providing an environment for the body to heal, reducing the need for medication.

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Active learning in a supportive group environment

The Lifestyle Medicine program is a series of six shared medical appointments in a group setting. Each session will be billed as an office appointment. If you have co-payments or out-of-pocket deductibles, these will apply.

The sessions cover the six components of lifestyle medicine in an active learning environment:

  1. Healthy nutrition: Learn food preparation and take shopping trips to the local grocers
  2. Physical activity: Field trips to outside activities such as the YMCA as well as learning exercises that can be done at home
  3. Quality sleep
  4. Stress management
  5. Healthy relationships
  6. Avoiding tobacco and other harmful substances

Meet our team


Dr. Ben Douglas, along with medical assistant Sarah Armstrong, is excited to show patients how even minor lifestyle changes and choices can have a dramatic effect on their overall health.

Dr. Douglas shares, “Our mission here at Adventist Health is to live God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope. One of the keywords in there that really gets my attention is ‘inspiring.’ What we know about the science of medicine – living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food and being physically active, is just as effective, for so many things, as giving a pill.”