Family Birth Place

Support through labor and delivery

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The birth of a child is nothing short of a miracle. Whether you're expecting your first baby or have been through childbirth, you deserve the best care and support in making your miracle happen.

The Family Birth Place consists of four warmly decorated suites, which resemble a master bedroom more than a medical center room. You will enjoy one comfortable, private suite for your labor, delivery and recovery stay without changing rooms. We've added many of the comforts of home so that you can relax in a Jacuzzi bath or watch a movie.

Birthing suite

We realize the birth of a child is often a family affair. Each suite includes a soft leather recliner so your birthing partner can be with you anytime. Our nearby waiting room welcomes your family and friends.

Visiting and feeding

Visiting and feeding hours are entirely up to you and the baby. We encourage short visits between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Our experience

Our staff was directly involved in the development of our unit. They are committed to making your birthing experience everything you've hoped it would be. Our team of experienced maternity nurses knows how to turn knowledge into a warm, caring family feeling.

However, if you should need that extra degree of care, our surgical and anesthesia teams provide 24-hour coverage. A Level 1 nursery is also available.

Neonatal transport to intermediate nursery

Most babies are born healthy, but sometimes a newborn starts life with special needs. Adventist Health Tillamook offers registered nurses certified in neonatal resuscitation and infant stabilization to care for these babies. For babies requiring advanced care, we work with hospitals in the Portland area to facilitate transfers to their neonatal intensive care units.

Return to nursery

We provide the support and TLC many moms need after discharge. To ensure a safe first week after the birth of all newborns, we offer a follow-up appointment 48 hours after discharge. This follow-up visit allows the nursing staff to screen and assess your baby for things such as eating problems, breastfeeding issues and jaundice. This visit also provides time for you to ask additional questions about you or your baby's care. The nursing staff will facilitate referrals for any identified concerns.