Community Benefit

Adventist Health’s mission statement "Living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope" is coupled with a vision to transform the health experience of our communities through collaborative programs, community investments and community outreach.

We are inspired by the healing ministry as represented by the life of Jesus Christ and believe we are called to live out our mission intentionally in the communities we serve. In the small towns, suburbs and inner cities we serve, we continue our journey to provide quality healthcare until every person made in God’s image has experienced the best health today, hope for tomorrow, and God’s love that endures forever.

In 2022, Adventist Health provided:

  • $67.5 million in charity care
  • $25.5 million in community health improvement
  • $28.8 million in education and research
  • $287.9 million in Medicaid
  • $442.2 million in Medicare
  • $206.4 million subsidized health services
  • $1.058 billion total

Wellspring: A Wonderful Opportunity

Wellspring Respite Day Center is a service of Adventist Health Tillamook that provides a day of rest for caregivers of those with cognitive or physical limitations.

One day at Wellspring, we welcomed a new couple: Sarah*, and her husband who has Alzheimer's. Like many family caregivers, Sarah struggled with feelings of guilt in seeking help to care for her loved one. Unfortunately, when caregivers neglect their own needs while caring for their loved one, it can be destructive to their health and wellbeing. It can also impact their ability to continue to care for their loved one.

After thinking about it for some time, Sarah brought her husband into our loving care, and we reassured her we would take very good care of him. As the Wellspring day progressed, he liked the activities and enjoyed the lunch, especially the dessert! It was beneficial for him to have new friends to talk to. At the end of the day, he had done well and was ready to go home.

As Sarah arrived to take her husband home, we reassured her that he had enjoyed his day. She smiled when we asked her how her day away went. She told us about how wonderful it had been to be able to just relax. She went on to relate that the night before had been very difficult. Her husband had been very restless and had kept her awake all night. The refreshing break Wellspring had provided her renewed energy.

“What a pleasure it is for me to hear the benefit Wellspring has brought to this family!” shares Mollie Reding, Faith in Action coordinator. “I would love to have many other caregivers in our Tillamook area take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to recharge and refresh their minds and bodies.”

(*names have been changed to protect privacy)

As a part of our community health plan for building resilience and wholeness across our regional service area, we provide in-kind and cash support for community-based projects and programs that address health needs identified in the four focus areas of our community health needs assessment. Funds available for community benefit vary each quarter, and requests received do outnumber our capacity to fund every need. For more information about whether your request might be a good fit with one or more of the four community health focus areas, please contact us.

Community Benefit Reports

We value your input in our Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy.

Please send comments to community.benefit@ah.org.

You may request a paper copy from the Administration/President’s office or by emailing community.benefit@ah.org.

You may view electronic copies of current and previous community benefit reports below: