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Patient Stories

Spine Health Patient Stories


Troy's Story

With an active career in the restaurant business, Troy Shahen is always on his feet. An avid traveler, golfer, weight lifter and scuba diver, Troy had experienced some low back pain in the past. But he knew he was in trouble ... more


Brooke's Story

Dancing is a demanding sport—so when Brooke Petty started experiencing severe leg pain, she thought it was a result of growing up a dancer. At the time, Brooke was working with AmeriCorps, helping communities all over ... more


Karen's Story

In December 2018, Karen McCoy was decorating her Christmas tree when she bent over to adjust an ornament and suddenly couldn’t move. She ended up with the most severe back pain and muscle spasms that she’d ever experienced ... more


Melissa's Story

Living on a ranch requires backbreaking work—from splitting wood for the winter to running irrigation in the summer. Melissa knew her back pain was getting bad when her five-minute walk to the irrigation pump was taking 20 minutes or more ... more


Tom's Story

Tom Silva enjoyed his first year of retirement by traveling the world and perfecting his golf swing. But when his arthritis and back pain took a turn for the worse in .... more


Sharon's Story

With a diagnosis of spinal stenosis and bulging discs, Sharon Hunt had been in pain for years. She had gone through multiple non-invasive treatment options .... more