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Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI

MRIs performed with care

Stroke. Spinal abnormalities. Cancer. Disk herniation. Heart disease. Multiple sclerosis. Our imaging center’s open bore magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment can tackle the toughest studies and the most complex pathologies.

An MRI scan is an image of body tissues that is created with a huge magnet and radio waves. No X-ray or other high-energy radiation is involved.

Your doctor may need an MRI image to identify injuries or better determine if disease exists in your body. With these high-quality images, your doctor's diagnosis will be more accurate and dependable, and his or her ability to treat you will be even better.

How to prepare for an MRI

You will want to wear comfortable clothing without zippers, snaps or metal fasteners. You will be asked to remove hearing aids and removable dental work.

We recommend you leave all jewelry, watches and cell phones at home; however, we do provide secure lockers in the dressing room.

Plan to arrive 30 minutes in advance so the technologist will have time to discuss the examination with you. If a contrast agent is to be administered, a temporary IV site will be established in the privacy of our pre-exam prep room.

During the exam

Adventist Health Sonora imaging center’s MRI provides patient comfort with the highest, safest level of scanning power.

For almost all exams, your feet go in first and your head remains outside of the magnet. Without question, our patients enjoy the most open scan in the Sierra Foothills. Personal contact is even possible — like holding a child’s hand for comfort and reassurance. If you’re injured, our table rises and lowers to make getting on easier.

When a head-first exam is necessary, comfort remains our priority. You'll have an open view and generous headroom with at least a foot of space above your nose. You’ll also notice much more elbow room. No longer should you feel anxious or claustrophobic.

You will constantly be able to see the examination room and communicate with the technologist whenever you wish during the short scan time. We want you to relax and feel safe.

You will be asked to hold still for short periods of time while the scan is in progress. Expect to hear a series of knocking sounds from the machine as the pictures are taken. The technologist will be monitoring the exam from an adjoining room and can hear and talk with you at all times.

If a contrast agent is to be administered, it will be injected into the IV for the last series of scans and immediately removed following your exam.

A typical MRI scan includes three to nine imaging sequences and may take up to one hour.

After the exam

It will take approximately two to three business days for your doctor to receive your MRI results from one of our radiologists. If you do not already have a follow-up appointment with your doctor, call your doctor's office a few days after your MRI. They may discuss the results with you over the phone or have you come in for an office visit.

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