340B Prescription Drug Program

The 340B Prescription Drug Program supports our role as a safety-net provider by enhancing patient and community services and programs for vulnerable and low-income patients. We are able to sustain outpatient infusion treatment facilities, increase pharmaceutical access to the uninsured and provide patients with convenient access and high-quality services that they deserve.

In 2022, Adventist Health Sonora had:
  • 15.2 million from 340B savings
  • 14.9 million invested in the community
  • 25.8 Million spent on supplemental Medicaid and Medicare
  • 2.3 million provided in uncompensated care
The 340B program allows us to offer programs and services such as:
  • Diabetes Resource Center
  • Specialty care access for Medicaid and uninsured patients
  • Senior wellness programs and prescription discounts
  • Mental health and substance abuse programs
  • Healthy beginning programs

Adventist Health Sonora has continuously earned and maintained a reputation for excellence in advancing health in Northern California with a mission to live God's love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope. Every day, Adventist Health Sonora focuses on serving that same loving mission with added intention of continuously improving quality, efficiency and growth.