child development center


Our program offers comprehensive assessments to ascertain, along with the family, a child’s skills as well as address concerns reported by parents/caregivers. Together, we create an individualized plan that addresses each family’s unique concerns, and also their strengths, hopes and dreams. Depending on the age of your child and your current concerns, we assess the following areas:

  • Cognitive: Learning, thinking, playing and problem-solving.
  • Communication: Understanding what others are saying; expressing thoughts through gestures, sounds and words.
  • Social/Emotional: Getting along with others, self-soothing and participating with peers in everyday routines.
  • Physical: Coordinating movements, such as sitting, crawling, walking and jumping.
  • Fine motor: Establishing eye-hand coordination, manipulating toys and objects, developing buttoning and cutting skills.
  • Self-help/Adaptive: Calming, feeding, sleeping and dressing.
  • Feeding/Oral Motor: Swallowing and feeding.