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PET / CT Radiology Services

Advanced diagnostic technology to assist your doctors

Talk to your physician about having your PET/CT scan done at Adventist Health Simi Valley.

What is a PET/CT scan?

Vital in oncology, radiology and interventional treatments — and now available at Adventist Health Simi Valley — the latest PET/CT technology provides for an effective and comfortable experience for the patient and unparalleled data for the physician.

A PET/CT scan combines positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) images. PET images show the function of cells in the body and CT images show body anatomy such as vessels, lymph nodes and organs. Combining PET and CT images helps doctors diagnose, monitor and determine treatment for cancer. PET/CT scans can help your doctor determine the best next steps in your treatment plan.

Benefits of PET/CT

PET/CT helps doctors accurately diagnose, stage and treat cancer. PET/CT can help determine:

  • Size and location of the growth
  • Whether the cancer is spreading
  • The best form of treatment
  • Whether therapy is working
  • Whether there has been a recurrence

Consult your doctor prior to your PET/CT scan if:

  • You are or may be pregnant
  • You are allergic to any drugs or foods
  • You are currently being treated for an infection
  • You are unsure if you should take your medications

Some of the benefits of our equipment and procedures:

  • 17-percent CT dose reduction using 6–8 mcL of FDG, resulting in low-dose exposure to patient
  • Flow technology – “continuous bed motion PET” reduces patient confusion or startling from sleep
  • Large bore that is 25 percent bigger (78 cm) than the GE Discovery ST
  • New patented crystal technology that provides better image quality, faster scans and higher resolution; 8- to 15-minute acceptable scan times
  • Increased field of view equates to more advanced lesion detection
  • Improved accuracy and patient outcomes
  • Improved patient satisfaction

We have the PET/CT answer for claustrophobic and bariatric patients

Quality PET/CT images require immobility, which can be difficult for some anxious patients. We understand. Our wide-bore equipment is less confining and provides a greater level of comfort for patients.