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Your experience as a patient matters

It’s natural to feel nervous about needing surgery, and our team at Adventist Health is here for you. We take time to get to know you and explain how surgery fits into your overall care plan.

We offer information and resources to ease your concerns and help you prepare. We want your experience to be a little less stressful.

Education and support for every patient

Our whole-person approach includes caring for your physical, mental and spiritual health. If you need surgery, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Expertise: You receive care from highly skilled and experienced general surgeons. Many specialize in specific types of surgery, including hernia repair or breast cancer. All of our experts hold themselves to high quality standards, which helps more patients achieve excellent results.
  • Education: Our team takes extra steps to help you become informed about and feel prepared for surgery. We explain procedures in ways that are easier to understand. And we encourage you to ask questions. No concern is too small to discuss.
  • Spiritual support: Adventist Health is a faith-based organization supporting patients of all religious backgrounds. If you take comfort in praying, we can pray alongside you before going to the procedure room.

Learn more

Take the next steps in preparing for surgery. Our general surgery FAQ is a helpful place to start. You may also wish to learn more by reading about what to expect before general surgery.

You are welcome to contact us any time with additional questions.

Let us be your partner in health

Learn more about our general surgery servicesfind a location near you or find a local doctor specializing in general surgery.