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Conditions General Surgeons Treat

If you need surgery in California, Oregon and Hawaii, you’re in caring, capable hands at Adventist Health. We deliver leading therapies for conditions including gastrointestinal disease, lung issues and cancer.

Our trusted general surgeons tailor services to your needs and preferences. They take time to explain how surgery can help and what to expect.

Expert care for common and complex conditions

Our multidisciplinary approach means surgeons work with other Adventist Health specialists to coordinate treatments whenever necessary. You can count on us for high-quality surgery and the personalized attention you deserve. Conditions our surgeons treat include:

Gastrointestinal disease

We treat many conditions using minimally invasive techniques, which help you avoid large incisions and heal faster.

Gastrointestinal diseases we treat include:

  • Appendicitis: Inflammation of the appendix
  • Bowel obstruction: Blockages affecting the small or large intestine that prevent food from passing
  • Diverticulitis: Outpouchings of the large intestine that become inflamed
  • Gallstones: Stones of hardened digestive fluid form inside your gallbladder and disrupt normal function
  • Hemorrhoids: Swollen blood vessels in the rectum or anus that may cause discomfort or bleeding
  • Hernias: Bulging out of the intestines through an abnormal hole in the abdominal wall
  • Intestinal perforation: Abnormal opening in the digestive tract that allows fluids to leak out
  • Ulcers: Sores in the lining of the stomach or small intestine due to stomach acid


We use leading techniques to remove cancerous growths.

Types of cancer our surgeons treat include:

  • Breast cancer: Abnormal breast cells grow out of control and can spread
  • Esophageal cancer: Abnormal cell growth that occurs in the tube connecting the throat and stomach
  • Gastric cancer: Rare cancer affecting cells in the stomach lining
  • Lung cancer: Cancer that forms in the lungs and is more common in people who smoke
  • Pancreatic cancer: Cells in the pancreas, a gland that aids digestion, that grow out of control
  • Skin lesions: Growths on the skin surface that may or may not be cancer

Lung and esophagus disease

Our team includes surgeons who specialize in thoracic procedures to treat lung and esophagus disease.

They treat common and complex conditions, including:

  • Achalasia: Nerve issue that prevents the esophagus from moving food down into the stomach
  • Barret’s esophagus: Damage to tissue due to ongoing exposure to stomach acid
  • Emphysema: Damage to tissue deep within the lungs that makes it difficult to breathe
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD): Stomach acid flows back into the esophagus, causing tissue irritation
  • Pneumothorax (collapsed lung): Air trapped in the space around the lung, prevents it from expanding normally

Women’s health issues

Our surgeons address the unique needs of women with treatments for:

  • Benign breast disease: Noncancerous conditions such as cysts or fibroadenoma
  • Breast cancer: Breast cells that grow out of control and can spread to other areas
  • Heavy periods: Abnormally heavy menstrual bleeding or periods that last more than seven days
  • Pelvic pain: Discomfort in the lower abdomen, below the belly button
  • Uterine fibroids: Growths in the uterus lining that are typically not cancerous
  • Uterine prolapse: Weakened muscles and ligaments that cause the uterus to slip out of place

Other conditions our surgeons treat

You have access to specialized procedures for other conditions, including:

  • Thyroid and parathyroid disease: Group of conditions, including overactive thyroid, affecting glands in your neck
  • Chronic obesity: Being severely overweight and not able to lose weight on your own
  • Urologic disease: Group of conditions affecting your urinary tract or bladder

Comprehensive treatment options

You have access to more of the services you need in one program:

Let us be your partner in health

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