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Cardiac Emergency Care

In a cardiac emergency, every second matters. Adventist Health is here for you with rapid, expert care. Our board-certified specialists quickly stabilize you and identify next steps for your treatment.

We have the resources and skills to perform lifesaving procedures, using advanced technology and both surgical and nonsurgical techniques.

Timely, expert care for emergencies

The team at Adventist Health provides rapid diagnosis and treatment during cardiac emergencies to get you the best outcome possible. We offer:

  • Expert team: Our cardiac specialists are board-certified in emergency medicine, so they’re equipped to handle emergencies, including life-threatening situations. We stay on the leading edge of cardiac care through quality initiatives on the state and federal levels.
  • Advanced technology: We use the latest technology and techniques for the best possible outcomes.
  • Rapid, coordinated care: Our hospitals communicate with emergency medical services (EMS) teams, so we’re ready to begin your care the second you arrive. We work quickly to stabilize you and identify next steps for treatment, whether it’s an interventional cardiology procedure or cardiac surgery. If you need to stay in the hospital, our coordinated, streamlined admissions process means your care moves rapidly and smoothly.

Our cardiac emergency physicians are skilled in performing all types of procedures, including:

Angioplasty and stents

In this minimally invasive procedure, we thread a thin tube (catheter) through a blood vessel into the aorta, your heart’s main artery. The tube has a tiny balloon on the end, which inflates to widen your artery and restore blood flow. We may also implant a permanent stent to prop the artery open and reduce your risk of another blockage.

Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)

This procedure improves blood flow to the heart. We take blood vessels from another part of the body and connect them to blood vessels surrounding the blocked artery, creating a channel for blood to flow through.

Learn more about our other interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery procedures.

Let us be your partner in heart health

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