family birthing center

When You Leave


Discharge time is at least 24 hours after the delivery of your baby, provided you have had a normal delivery and as long as you and your baby are in good health and GBS status is negative. If the GBS status is positive, you will require extra observation. For cesarean births, discharge is within two to four days.

It is helpful to send gifts and flowers home the night before discharge. The hospital’s front entrance on 4th Street is to be used for departure.

Infant Car Seat

The use of infant car seats is mandated by California state law. You will need to bring your car seat to post-partum. There, a nurse will make sure you have the baby properly secured. A nurse will walk with you to your car that can be pulled up to the front of the hospital entrance.

Keeping Baby Healthy

Please don’t expose the baby to anyone who has an infection or a communicable disease.

Good hand washing is essential before anyone handles the baby. A nurse can instruct the new mother and her partner in the proper technique. They can explain the procedure to their visitors and assist their older children in proper hand washing.