• Trip-proof your floors
    • Secure loose carpet edges with tape.
    • Remove small throw rugs, or keep them from slipping with rubber mats underneath.
    • Use rubber or other non-skid mat in and next to bathtubs and showers.
    • Keep clutter off the floor.
    • Clean up spills quickly.
    • Arrange furniture so that every room has a clear pathway.
    • Run cords and wires along baseboards, not across open spaces.
    • Check doorways inside and out for uneven transitions from one floor surface to another.
    • Replace thresholds to create level floor or use tape or paint to highlight uneven levels.
    • Always look out for lively pets and small children.
  • Avoid walking in an unlighted room
    • Use nightlights in hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms.
    • Keep a flashlight near every bed in case of a power outage.
    • In all rooms have a lamp or light switch near entrances.
  • For older folks
    • Get your vision checked regularly.
    • Get regular exercise to keep muscles strong.
    • Ask if prescription medications can affect your balance.
    • Wear non-skid shoes.
    • Install grab bars in showers and tubs.
    • Have handrails on both sides of staircases.
    • If you feel unsteady, use a cane or walker.
  • For youngsters
    • Keep shoelaces tied. Better yet, use slip-on or Velcroâ„¢-closures for shoes.
    • Avoid wearing just socks, which can be slippery.
    • Keep stepladders folded, and eliminate other furniture climbing opportunities.
    • Put stop locks on all windows so they cannot be opened wide from the bottom.


  • Keep walkways clear of leaves, branches, snow or other debris.
  • Walk on the grass instead of wet or icy sidewalk.
  • Put salt, sand or kitty litter on snowy walkways.
  • Add handrails to even short stairways.
  • Use a non-skid strip or non-skid paint on every step.
  • At night and in dim light, use a flashlight.
  • Watch for cracks and bulges in sidewalks.
  • Wear your glasses - sun and/or prescription, so you can clearly see the path ahead.
  • On unpaved ground, watch for animal holes or other soil depressions.

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Remember, if you or another has been injured, dial 911 immediately!