Your Accommodations

Adventist Health and Rideout offers semi-private (double occupancy) and private rooms. We will strive to honor your preference. On occasion, however, alternate arrangements may be necessary due to physicians orders or prevailing conditions. Room transfer requests should be made through nursing staff and will be carried out as soon as possible.

The Family Birthing Center at Adventist Health and Rideout offers: Beautiful spacious private rooms, comfortable chairs, convertible couches, and room for family and couplet care.

Floor Four:
26 private suites with bathroom and shower and room for bassinet and family members

A well-baby nursery and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Floor Five:
12 large, private labor & delivery rooms offering comfortable seating, 2 C-section rooms, An Ante-Partum testing unit and triage

Hospital Room:

We hope you will find your room cheerful and comfortable. When you are admitted, your room, bed, nurse call system and remote control TV will be explained.

The Hospital Bed:

Your electrically operated hospital bed is probably higher and narrower than your bed at home. The side rails on your bed are there to protect you. Please ask for assistance in lowering them.

Nurse Call System:

The nurse call system at your bedside alerts our staff by activating a light outside your door and in the nurses' station. Your nurse will assist you as quickly as possible, but please remember he or she may be temporarily occupied with another patient when you ring.


All private rooms offer large television monitors. In double occupancy rooms, please be considerate so that volume levels do not disturb other patients.

Patient Telephone:

Making calls: Dial O for hospital operator for assistance. To make a local call, dial 9 and then the telephone number. To access AT&T for credit or collect calls, or third-party billing, dial 8-0 or 8-00.

Wireless Internet Service

Free wireless internet access for patients is available at the Rideout Regional Medical Center. Patients must provide their own laptop computer and request the service from a caregiver or the Guest Services Representative at 530 632-2356. Upon request, the IS Department will provide a temporary account for their stay. Specific security measures are in place to reduce any security or virus threats.

Language Services:

If a patient should require it, the hospitals have access to interpreters for a number of foreign languages. For more information, contact your nurse.

See Our "Interpretive Assistance Policy" Here

Hearing Impaired:

A telecommunications device is available to assist hearing impaired patients communicate with relatives or friends. Arrangements can also be made to have interpreter services, including sign language, to assist a hearing impaired or deaf patient. Televisions with closed captioning are available.

Patient Education (TV/ DVD):

Health education programs can be viewed on patient TVs or mobile TVs. Topics include nutrition, postnatal care, baby care, diabetes, and other health related subjects. Ask your nurse for more information.

Patient Meals:

During your hospitalization, your doctor will prescribe a diet as part of your treatment plan. Our Registered Dietitians consult with your doctor regarding your nutrition needs as well as ensure that the meals you receive meet your nutritional requirements. In addition, our Registered Dietitians are available to meet with you upon the request of your doctor or nurse.

We are able to offer a restaurant style menu with Chef choices. A culinary team of Executive Chefs and Dietitians created these nutritious menus with you in mind.

Our host will be visiting you throughout the day to take your orders. The hosts will enter your menu requests on a tablet ensuring that it will meet your physician-prescribed diet. Our hosts, who have been trained to provide you with exceptional service and care, will personally deliver your meals.