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Speech Therapy

An overview of our speech-language rehabilitation services

It can be profoundly frustrating to be faced with conditions that impact your speech and language. If you’re struggling with these issues, the Adventist Health Portland Speech-Language Pathology services team can help.

Our Speech-Language Pathology are specially trained in disorders that impact speech, language and swallowing, as well as cognitive problems that impact these areas. We work with you and your family to improve problem areas and help you function and communicate better.

Connecting with you as a person is important to us. Every person comes to us with their own history, concerns and goals — and we want to understand yours.

Some of the conditions we treat include:

  • Dysphagia (problems with swallowing)
  • Communication difficulties, including aphasia, written expression and reading comprehension
  • Voice and speech problems, including vocal cord dysfunction and physical problems with the mouth, tongue and throat
  • Memory and attention disorders

These difficulties come from many different diseases, conditions and injuries.

Some of the patients we treat are recovering from or continue to live with:

  • Traumatic brain injury or concussion
  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s or Huntington’s disease
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Head or neck cancer
  • Dementia
  • Multiple sclerosis or ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also called Lou Gehrig’s disease)

Your treatment plan should be as unique as your situation. By taking the time to really get to know you, we can team up with you to make a therapy plan customized to your goals and needs. We also train your family or caregivers to help you manage day-to-day speech, language, cognitive and/or swallowing tasks.

Most insurance plans — including Medicare, Medicaid and workers’ compensation — cover our speech-language services.

To request services for a patient who is currently hospitalized, please call the Adventist Health main line at (503) 251-2500 and ask to leave a message on our confidential voicemail.

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