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With Adventist Health Portland’s focus on whole-person care, we care about more than your urgent, short-term health. We also want to help make your health and lifestyle better in the long run.

This is where rehabilitation services come in. Rehab is specially focused on making your physical and mental strength better or getting you back to where you used to be.

Our rehab specialists can also help you improve how well you communicate and go through your normal daily activities. This can help you enjoy more of your life on your own if you’re struggling after an illness, injury or surgery.

Therapy customized for you

Our rehab specialists work as a team of experts covering many types of rehabilitation. We blend our specialties to create the best treatment plan customized just for you.

Your plan could, for instance, include:

We will make your treatment plan based on what options have already proven best practice based on nationwide standards. We keep track of the latest and best ideas to help you with your particular needs and condition.

Rehabilitation plays a critical role in healing, repairing and recovering from a wide range of injuries, illnesses and conditions, such as:

  • Improving speech, daily living skills and mobility after a stroke or head injury or living with other neurological disorders
  • Strengthening bones and healing muscles after joint-replacement surgery or other orthopedic procedures or injuries
  • Maximizing how much activity you can handle and how independently you can live after suffering heart or lung damage

Your rehab team

Your custom therapy plan will involve the latest technology and best practice combined with a team of expert doctors, nurses, therapists and other healthcare providers with specialized skills. Each team is custom designed for your particular needs.

Our rehab specialties include:

Adventist Health offers you all the experience and depth that comes from how we’ve helped thousands of other patients and their families during the past 75 years.

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