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Gastrointestinal (GI) issues can often cause serious discomfort and pain, making life more difficult. Adventist Health is proud to offer GI care to the greater Portland area. Our experienced gastroenterology providers utilize the latest advancements to care for and diagnose our patients. Adventist Health Gastroenterology Clinic will work with your primary care provider to ensure seamless care.

Detection & prevention

Many GI issues can be caught early. Our expertise and advanced technology are why many doctors refer their patients to us when they suspect a GI issue. We're able to work with your primary care provider to find the issues and treat them in a timely manner to return you to better health.

Our team believes in the value of educating our patients on how they can keep their digestive system healthy. Between diet and other lifestyle changes, you may be able to manage symptoms or improve your condition outside of medical treatment. Our gastroenterologists can discuss your digestive health with you and help you make healthy choices.

Treatment options

There are a lot of different ways to treat gastrointestinal issues. Depending on your condition and its severity, we may recommend medicines or procedures that can relieve symptoms or eradicate the disease.

The first step to achieving a healthier digestive system is to meet with our experienced gastroenterologists. Between diagnostic tests, screenings, treatments and nutritional guidance, we can help you feel and live better.

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