emergency care

ER Clinical Services

Numerous clinical services support patients in our ER. Which ones you need depends on your specific situation.

Cardiac and surgical services

If you come to the ER with chest pain or other signs of a possible heart attack, you can depend on us for quick action. That’s why we have one of the best cardiac response times in the area.

Our cardiac suite of services was built immediately adjacent our ER to ensure nothing delays your heart care. This includes a state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization (cath) lab, where our team opens vital arteries to restore blood flow during heart attacks.

Our surgical suite and CVICU are also located beside the ER.

OHSU Health telehealth network

As part of the OHSU Health family, our patients enjoy easy access to the OHSU Health telehealth network. That means even when a specialist isn’t physically in the ER, they can guide your care without wasting precious time transferring you to another hospital.

Our ICU is also supported by the OHSU tele-ICU program.

Advanced medical imaging

X-rays, ultrasound and other types of imaging give us vital information about what’s really going on inside your body. That means we can better diagnose and treat whatever condition or concern brought you to the emergency room.

Different imaging procedures take different amounts of time to get results. And like all emergency services, we have to prioritize imaging by the severity of each patient’s condition. These factors can all increase how long you stay in the ER.

For some of our most common tests, here’s how long until your results are typically available:

  • X-rays: 1 hour
  • Ultrasound: 2 hours
  • CT scan: 2 hours

Our imaging services also include MRI and interventional radiology.


Laboratory tests are another important way we get key information about what’s going on inside you. Sometimes proper diagnosis and treatment depend on lab tests.

Different tests take different amounts of time to get results. We also must prioritize lab results by how severe each patient’s situation is. These factors play into how long you have to wait in the ER before being admitted or going home.

For some of our most common tests, here’s how long until your results are typically available:

  • Blood tests: 1.5 hours
  • Urine tests: 1 hour

Prescription Medications

You may fill prescriptions at a local pharmacy or at the OHSU Retail Pharmacy located in the Pavilion, not far from the ER.

We are happy to help you find other local pharmacies, including ones open 24 hours a day. The emergency room does not routinely fill prescriptions or arrange refills from previous visits.