Critical Care

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When you or someone you love is seriously ill, you can depend on the Adventist Health Portland intensive care unit (ICU) team to provide specialized care with close observation and extra nursing. To make sure each patient gets this high level of care, our 12-bed ICU has state-of-the-art electronic monitoring and other life-saving equipment.

Each of our ICU nurses have extra training in critical care so they can quickly assess changes in patients’ conditions, recognize symptoms of possible complications and work with the specialized equipment needed for some of our most ill patients. They are ready to respond to sudden crises, and they keep the patient’s physician well-informed of any changes.

The vICU difference

Our critical patients and their care teams have additional support thanks to OHSU and Adventist Health Portland’s virtual intensive care unit (vICU) partnership. Bedside critical care doctors, nurses and other staff are backed up by nonstop visual and data connection to a vICU team at OHSU.

The vICU command center also uses machine learning to analyze individual patients’ information against data from past and present ICU patients. This real-time analysis helps the care team identify problems or risks faster, which can lead to better outcomes.

Patient privacy

Nurses share patient information with only family members who have the four-digit patient identification number (PIN). This helps protect our patients’ privacy and complies with federal regulations. This PIN is given to the patient or the next of kin on admission to the hospital and will be requested when calling for information or requesting visitation.

Patient updates

Immediate family may speak directly with an ICU nurse by calling (503) 257-2500 and requesting the ICU. Callers will be asked to provide the patient’s PIN number. Please choose a family spokesperson to check in. By minimizing how many people call, our team has more time to focus on the patient.

Visiting hours

Family support is important for recovery. We encourage visiting, but only for short periods to make sure the patient gets plenty of rest and we can make sure they get the care they need. Visits can be coordinated with the patient’s nurse. Please understand we prioritize what is best for the patient.

Here are some additional visiting guidelines:

  • To protect patient confidentiality, visiting is discouraged while our nurses change shifts between 6:45 and 8:15, both morning and evening. We need time to privately discuss each patient’s condition as we transfer care.
  • Visitors must call from the hallway phone and give the PIN number to gain permission to enter the ICU.
  • Visitors may be limited based on the patient’s condition as well as hospital-wide visitor restrictions.
  • Children under 12 are not routinely allowed to visit.
  • Please keep your cell phone in silent mode.
  • Do not share pictures or information on social media about the patient. This is a violation of their rights as a patient and against the law.

Personal belongings

While in ICU, patients usually need only basic toiletry articles: comb, hairbrush, toothbrush and deodorant. Due to limited storage space, please keep or take all other belongings and valuables home.

Sending flowers

Fresh flowers and plants are not permitted in the ICU because they increase the risk of infection for our patients. You may send flowers to your loved one once they’re moved to a regular hospital room.

Smoke-free campus

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in our facilities or on our campus.

Food and snacks

The Garden Café cafeteria is open daily on the lower level, past the Atrium. You’ll find vending machines on the lower level across from the elevators, near the emergency room and in the Pavilion. The Pavilion is also home to Ozzie’s Deli and Gyros, which is open weekdays.


Chaplains are available and on call 24/7 to offer prayer and support. Anyone of any background or beliefs can ask the nurse to arrange a chaplain visit. Our chaplains can also arrange for someone from your faith tradition to visit.


Having someone you love in the ICU is usually unplanned and can be frightening. It’s normal to have questions, so please call (503) 257-2500 and ask for the ICU. We are happy to help.