Living and Thriving in Portland

Can you see yourself here? We can.

When the work’s done and it’s time to play, do you have a world of wild nature and cosmopolitan opportunities right outside your door?

In Portland you will. Imagine yourself sipping craft-roasted coffee at your favorite bookstore or carving the snow at North America’s only year-round ski resort. Picture yourself taking a day trip to the unmatched beauty of the Oregon coast, exploring the Portland Art Museum, or throwing some sandwiches in your daypack and hiking along the Columbia River Gorge’s wildflowers, waterfalls and basalt cliffs.

Better yet: Come for a visit and drink it in for yourself. You might find what we’ve discovered — Portland offers a unique blend of urban interests and wild, natural spaces all within a short drive from where we work and live.


More about living in and around Portland

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  • Mount Hood Territory: Here you’ll find information about communities and attractions around Clackamas County, where we have a clinic and many of our team members life.
  • Travel Oregon: This is a great resource for information about places to visit all over the state.

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