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Accessing Virtual Visits With MyAdventistHealth

Getting ready for your virtual visit accessed through MyAdventistHealth

Before your visit

Some of our providers utilize a platform for virtual visits that is accessed via MyAdventistHealth. You will need to have an account with MyAdventistHealth, our online health hub, which gives you access to your personal health information including medical records, appointments, provider notes and more. If you haven’t yet registered for MyAdventistHealth, contact your provider’s office to get registered.

Validate you have the necessary technology in place. You will need a smartphone, tablet or computer with a working camera and microphone/speakers. If you don’t have this technology, please let the provider’s office know.

Your doctor will send you a link to an appointment you can access in the Appointments section of MyAdventistHealth. If the link is missing or it isn’t identified as a virtual visit, reach out to your doctor’s office to request a new link. If we have your current mobile phone number, you will receive a link to your visit in a text 15-30 minutes before your appointment. It will remind you what time your appointment is and you can join the video visit by simply clicking on the link.

If you plan to join your virtual visit from an iOS device (Apple iPhone or iPad), please be sure to unblock the camera and microphone for the Safari browser prior to your appointment. Follow the steps below.

  • Open the Settings app on your device
  • Scroll down to select the Safari browser
  • Scroll down to select “Camera”
  • Confirm that "Ask" or "Allow" is checked
  • Go back to all Safari settings and select “Microphone”
  • Confirm that "Ask" or "Allow" is checked

The day of your visit

Before your visit, go to Appointments within MyAdventistHealth, search for the scheduled virtual visit appointment and click on the link. (Please note the video icon next to those appointments scheduled as virtual visits.) Click on Join Now.

You may be prompted to allow the use of your microphone and camera for this visit, click on Allow. If you choose Block, your provider will not be able to see or hear you in the visit.

Once the visit is completed, click the red phone icon to end the virtual visit session.

It is helpful to have the following available at the time of your appointment, along with any questions you may have for your provider:

  • Health information you track (blood pressure, weight, fluids, etc.)
  • Pill bottles
  • Previous test results and imaging

After visit follow-up

  • Your doctor may elect to have you schedule an in-person visit or virtual visit for your next appointment. A member of the office staff will schedule it at your earliest convenience.
  • Your doctor can provide an option for you to receive a summary of your visit via mail or through the MyAdventistHealth patient portal.

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