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Adult Day Care

Compassionate, high-quality care for seniors

Adventist Health Lodi Memorial's Adult Day Services is a licensed program at Hutchins Street Square for older and disabled adults who cannot fully care for themselves. The program provides friendly, stimulating care and support through a variety of daily activities that encourage group participation. Caregiving families can also find support services through this program, as well as referral to other programs and services for older and disabled adults and their caregivers.

Adult Day Services helps fill the gap between senior centers and full-time residential care. Spouses or other caregivers are given respite from caring for a loved one who may require round-the-clock care. With this respite, caregivers can attend to their jobs, household activities, shopping or their own healthcare needs while knowing that their loved ones are in a safe, supportive environment. Support groups are available to help caregivers cope with the challenges of caring for an adult loved one.

Participants may attend as many or as few days of the week as they like. Wheelchairs/walkers are welcome.

Adult Day Services offers:

  • A caring, safe, supportive environment
  • Individual plans of care
  • Music therapy
  • Arts and crafts
  • Entertainment
  • Intergenerational activities
  • Nutrition meals and snacks
  • Accommodations for special diets
  • Supervised exercises and walks
  • Support for family members
  • Assistance with person hygiene
  • Referral to other services
  • Dementia care
  • Falls prevention
  • Health monitoring

Supportive services include:

  • Use of inhalation-assistive devices: Device can legally be operated by an unlicensed professional
  • Oxygen (portable; family provides)
  • Colostomy/ileostomy: Ostomy must be completely healed; change bag and adhesive indwelling catheters
  • Diabetes: Blood glucose monitoring and assisting in insulin injections
  • Wound care: Wound is either unhealed, surgically closed incision or determined by the physician to be a stage 1 or 2 pressure sore and is expected by the physician to completely heal
  • Gastrostomy feeding, hydration and care
  • Tracheotomy: Participant is mentally and physically capable of providing all routine care for their tracheotomy and the physician has documented that the tracheotomy is completely healed
  • Diets: Catered to specific needs, feed as needed
  • Monitor weights/daily if ordered
  • Blood pressure monitor as ordered
  • Assist in giving medications as ordered
  • Assist in bathroom as needed/continent or incontinent
  • Ambulatory or wheelchair/walkers/canes
  • Daily exercise as tolerated/prescribed physical therapy exercises
  • Medication reconciliation with physician
  • Socialization/stimulation to prevent depression and/or isolation
  • Activities to improve independence/dexterity/mental stimulation
  • Mild to moderate to severe dementia care (not a locked facility)
  • Individual care plans
  • Monitor daily health for signs of problems
  • Family support and referrals
  • Other services offered in accordance with individual plan of care


Adult Day Services fees are affordable and based on full-day attendance.


  • Adults requiring supervision and/or the need for socialization
  • Wheelchair participants welcome
  • Residents of any city

How we can help

Individual plans of care are developed for each participant and regularly scheduled activities encourage independence and socialization. Daily activities often include armchair exercises, arts and crafts, therapeutic memory games, gardening in our enclosed patio, and music therapy. Nourishing lunches and snacks are a part of each day's activities, and special diets are easily accommodated. Assistance with personal hygiene is also available.


Assistance is available to arrange Dial-A-Ride, as well as other limited transportation options.

About our facility

Adult Day Services is located at Hutchins Street Square. The building and the restrooms are wheelchair accessible.


Participants must preregister. For a tour or more information, please call
(209) 369-4443.

Additional information

License Number: 390313117
Phone: (209) 369-4443
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.