Howard Memorial

340B Prescription Drug Program

The 340B Prescription Drug Program supports our role as a safety-net provider in offering vital healthcare services in the communities we serve. The program is only for hospitals that provide a high level of services to low-income individuals or serve isolated rural communities. In 2022, Adventist Health Howard Memorial provided:

  • 6.2 million from 340B savings
  • 3 million invested in the community
  • 9.7 million spent on supplemental Medicaid and Medicare
  • 1.7 million provided in uncompensated care

Adventist Health Howard Memorial is a 25-bed critical access hospital, serving rural Mendocino County. Mendocino rates #3 in the state for opioid related deaths in the state. Twenty-seven percent of the population is below the federal poverty level and 45 percent of the population qualifies for Medicaid.

The 340B program has allowed us to develop programs for those who cannot afford prescriptions. Some of these programs are:

  • Partnering with Safe RX Mendocino which provides opioid safety and awareness.
  • Providing salads for members of the senior center and members of the community who are at risk of food insecurity (100,000 meals served)
  • Free vaccinations to vulnerable populations
  • Providing access to specialty care
  • Funding other medical services for vulnerable populations