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Your Joint Replacement Team

​Your Joint Replacement Center has an experienced and highly skilled team who focus specifically on each patient. Each one of our team members is specially trained to help ensure a safe and successful recovery. They work together with each patient and their coach to ensure an excellent experience.

Your joint replacement team includes:

  • Orthopedic surgeon: The surgeon performs your joint replacement operation and will oversee your care throughout your stay at the Joint Replacement Center.
  • Physician assistant: The physician assistant aids the orthopedic surgeon in the operating room.
  • Nurse navigator: The navigator is a registered nurse who serves as each your care coordinator. They help you prepare to transition home and work directly with the surgical team to ensure you have the best possible experience and outcome.
  • Coach: The coach is a person — a spouse, friend or family member — who you designate to support and encourage you as you prepare for and recover from joint replacement surgery.
  • Anesthesia provider: This person is responsible for administering the medications needed to keep you asleep and comfortable during surgery. The anesthetist also helps manage your postoperative pain.
  • Cardiologist: If you have a history of cardiac disease, your cardiologist provides surgical clearance.
  • Hospitalist: A hospitalist is a physician who may follow your medical care if needed during your hospital stay and will work with your orthopedic surgeon to make sure your care needs are met.
  • Registered nurse: Nurses help prepare you before surgery and help in the operating room throughout surgery. After surgery, a team of nurses carries out all orders given by the surgeon to keep you comfortable and safe in the hospital.
  • Case managers: These team members help you plan your transition from the hospital to home and arrange for any equipment and services needed.
  • Certified nursing assistant: The certified nursing assistant (CNA) helps you with activities such as bathing, dressing or getting to the bathroom. CNAs work together with nurses and are valuable members of the Joint Replacement Center team.
  • Physical therapist: The physical therapist helps you gain strength and motion in your new joint and helps ensure you know how to perform your exercises correctly. The physical therapist also helps teach you how to properly and safely use equipment you may need as you recover.
  • Chaplain: Our chaplains are specially trained to serve your spiritual needs upon request as well as those of your family members, regardless of religious denomination.

Other team members may include pharmacists, lab technicians, radiology technicians, dietitians, patient transporters and respiratory therapists. Call (559) 537-1720 for an appointment.


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