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At Adventist Health Hanford, we are ready to help you and your provider identify the issues that are preventing you from living your best life. If you’re experiencing digestive problems, then esophageal manometry may be the diagnostic test for you.

What is esophageal manometry?

Esophageal manometry is a test used to determine pressure and function of the esophagus or “food tube.” In addition, it helps evaluate how well the muscles in the esophagus work to move liquids or food from your mouth to your stomach.

This test may be performed to evaluate the causes of gastric reflux, heartburn, swallowing difficulties and functional chest pain. In addition, esophageal manometry may be used as an evaluation tool prior to surgery if you are being considered for anti-reflux surgery, or to ensure the proper placement of pH probes for other diagnostic tests.

How does esophageal manometry work?

The test is performed by a specialty-trained team member and generally takes less than 30 minutes. Generally, you will be in a comfortable, semi-reclining or reclining position. Your nose and throat will receive a numbing agent, designed to minimize discomfort that can occur from the placement of a small catheter that goes through your nose and into your stomach.

You will be able to breathe, swallow and talk with ease during the procedure.

During the test, you will be asked to take deep breaths or swallow a number of times. The pressures resulting from these actions will be detected and recorded by sensors on the catheter. The recording then will be transferred to a report for interpretation by the physician.

What takes place after the procedure?

You will be able to return to your normal activities, diet and medications following the procedure. Since there is no sedation required, you will even be able to drive yourself home. If you experience soreness in your throat, you can take lozenges or gargle with salt water. Please schedule a follow-up visit with your physician to discuss the results of the procedure. Contact your physician if any unusual symptoms or side effects occur.

The team at Adventist Health Hanford looks forward to providing you with the latest advances in diagnostics and helping your provider determine the best course of treatment to improve your health.



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Meet Our Providers


Alvin Yiuwai Au, MD


Dr. Au is a gastroenterology specialist with over 37 years of experience in the medical field. He specializes in esophageal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and liver disease. He graduated from University of Texas- San Antonio Long Medical School medical school in 1983.


Boris E. Reznik, MD


Dr. Reznik is a gastroenterology specialist who specializes in gallbladder/bile duct diseases, esophageal disorders, and gastrointestinal disorders.


Ching-Fong C. Wu, MD


Dr. Fong is a gastroenterology specialist who specializes in esophageal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and anal & rectal disorders.


Satish Kesavaramanujam, MD

Thoracic Surgery

Dr. Kesava is a board-certified general and thoracic surgeon. Specializing in the newest diagnostic advances and treatments for digestive health concerns, his expertise includes in a wide range of surgical interventions for concerns such as gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), diverticulitis, hiatal hernia, colon cancer and thyroid conditions.