Spine Care

Diagnostic services & advanced treatment methods

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Back or neck pain can make nearly every activity you perform painful or uncomfortable, severely affecting your quality of life. While some mild forms of back and neck pain can often be treated at home, you don't have to live with pain that is severe, prolonged or accompanied by more serious symptoms such as fever, numbness or tingling in the extremities, or pain that is worse at night.

That's why Adventist Health Glendale provides patients with convenient access to a full-service spine program serving Glendale, Los Angeles and Southern California. The program includes highly skilled physicians and teams of professionals that specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of back and neck problems and are dedicated to eliminating your pain.

To offer patients the best care, the experienced spine physicians at Adventist Health provide many inpatient and outpatient treatments and procedures using the latest technology available. You will receive highly specialized, individualized care for the best possible outcome.

The Adventist Health Glendale Spine Institute

We also offer the convenience of an outpatient clinic located on the medical center campus and staffed by renowned spine experts. Learn more about our Spine Institute, our specialized services and board-certified specialists available for your care.

For a referral to an Adventist Health Glendale spine expert, call (818) 409-8000.