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For Investigators

Research for Investigators

Are you interested in bringing a clinical trial to Adventist Health Glendale but don’t know how?

The Office of Integrated Research (OIR) and the AHGL Institutional Review Board (IRB) are here to help you conduct or locate trials for your patient population. The OIR research staff will work with and on your behalf to get signed up with the clinical trial sponsor. The IRB, a group of physicians, nurses, hospital staff and scientific and community members tasked with protecting human research participants, reviews the research for institutional approval.

What are the requirements?

  • FDA regulations require that sponsors choose investigators qualified by training and experience.
  • FDA regulations also require that investigators commit themselves to personally conduct or supervise the investigation.

How does the OIR support the investigators?

  • Training—Good Clinical Practice, Human Subjects Protection, and sponsor required trainings
  • Documents—1572, CV with AHGL affiliation, Medical License, certificates, etc.
  • The OIR is the liaison between the Investigator and all research relationships.
  • Assist in the conduct of the clinical trial from feasibility to start-up to close-out.

Where do I start?

Reach out to:
AHGL Office of Integrated Research
Lilly Villalobos, MHA, CCRC, Director, Research
(818) 409-8464

Need IRB assistance for a clinical trial at another Adventist Health facility?

Reach out to:
Tracy Joyce, CIP, Research Compliance Specialist
(818) 409-8522