laboratory services

Specimen Specifics

Pick-up and Supplies

Specimens can be delivered to the laboratory or picked up by the laboratory courier on a routine basis arrangement. Special urgent pick-ups may be arranged to suit your office needs. Saturday and Sunday service is also available.

Necessary supplies (needles, sterile containers, tubes, etc) for our laboratory diagnostic services are provided at no charge. An Adventist Health Glendale Lab representative will bring the appropriate supplies to your office. Should you wish, the representative can demonstrate the proper use of all materials to minimize service problems and maximize specimen integrity.

Collection and Handling

Supplies for drawing and submitting specimens are provided if mail specimens are delivered to the laboratory. Attention to the listed "Requirements" will help ensure good service. Special instructions and assistance are available in establishing collection and handling procedures.

Red T., Lav. T., etc refer to standard vacutainer type tubes. Separated serum may be placed in plastic vials supplied. To ensure safe identification, specimen tubes and other containers must be directly labeled with the patient's name, in addition to the name on the carrying envelope or specimen bag. Slides, such as cytology of gram stain, must have the name written on the frosted end of the slides.

To obtain your results, supplies (download a Lab Supply Order Form), request sheets, reports, special requests or any questions, call (818) 409-8317.