Patient Portal

With your busy life, it can be hard to stay on top of your family’s health care – even though it’s an important part of your life. We can help you with our new patient portal!

This interactive web portal allows you to take a more active role in your care by providing easy, secure access to your health information and online communication with our staff.

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MyDRMC offers you a way to communicate with your care providers at your convenience. The portal is not a substitute for an office visit, but it does give you the ability to communicate with your care providers on your own schedule.

You can send a secure message from the portal to the appropriate staff in the hospital or clinic and are added to their daily workflow. You can schedule your next appointment, see your lab results and even view and pay your bill when you register for MyDRMC.

Important Information about the Patient Portal:

  • Use the portal for non-emergency communication.
  • We will not send any private health information to your email.
  • We will send you an email only when necessary, to request that you access Patient Portal to review private healthcare information we have posted in your Patient Portal account.
  • Documents and forms cannot be attached to Patient Portal messages.
  • Patient Portal is not checked on the weekends. It is only checked during normal business hours.

Get Started With Our Patient Portal

To register, simply call the clinic you use for your health needs (listed below) or Adventist Health Delano’s Medical Records Department to request access. They will ask you to provide a few pieces of information and a security code. Within a short period of time, you will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to create your account in MyDRMC.

If you did not receive this email, or would like to receive another copy, please contact your clinic or the Medical Records Department to request an invitation. Use the information in the invitation email and your security code to set up your account online.

Medical Records Department at Adventist Health Delano: (661) 721-5244

Delano Prompt Care Clinic: (661) 725-2579

Delano Women’s Medical Center: (661) 721-0737

Delano Wound Care Clinic: (661) 721-8539

Wasco Medical Plaza: (661) 758-4184