surgical services

What to Expect

Preparing for surgery at Adventist Health


When you arrive at the hospital, a preoperative nurse will direct you to the pre-op area to change clothes. You will also be given an ID bracelet and an explanation of what to expect. Following this, your pre-op nurse will take some admission information, start an intravenous line and wash the surgical site.

When this is complete, you will meet your anesthesia team. Continue to ask any additional questions you have with anesthesia and your surgery.

We want to be able to make you as comfortable as possible. You are welcome to have close family members or a friend stay with you until you are ready for surgery.

During surgery

You will be wheeled into the operating room. You may be sedated or given general anesthesia. Your operating team will perform additional checks to ensure your safety. Your skin will be cleansed and shaved if need be.

Your body will be completely draped except the part that will be operated on. You anesthesiologist will be at your side, and your surgeon will guide the team through the operation.

After surgery

Once the surgery is completed, you will be wheeled into a recovery room. You will be observed constantly by a nurse until you are fully conscious.

When you’re awake, you may be offered a small snack and a little bit of water or juice. Soon you will meet with your surgeon for a surgery report. Here you will go over the next steps you will need for recovery, including medications and exercises that will help your recovery.