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'Thank You for the Gift of Time'

'They Were Angels Watching Over Us'


Dear Dr. Thomas Enloe, Dr. David Cryns, and care staff Toni Gonzales, Carmela Johnson, Maria Hunt, Denise Richard, Leah Caskey, Tina Tomh, Caroline Cadiente and Rose Kile of Central Valley General Hospital Women's Services:

I'm writing this letter to tell you all about how grateful I am for each of you. I was in labor on March 14, 2013, but unfortunately, it wasn't progressing like it should. I was told by Dr. Thomas Enloe that if by 11 p.m. I didn't progress any further, I would need to think about having a C-section.

At 11 p.m. I was still the same, so Dr. Enloe was called in to proceed with a C-section. Within a couple of minutes, I felt what I thought was my water breaking. Suddenly, I had every nurse on the floor in my room, including the nursing supervisor, who introduced herself to me.

Being a former employee of Adventist Health, I knew if the nursing supervisor was in my room and checking me as well, something was wrong. I was then rushed to the Operating Room because my uterus had ruptured. While there, the nurses and Dr. Enloe worked so fast. Before I knew it, my son was born, and nurses were already tending to him.

As I was recovering on the third floor, the nurses were very caring, reassuring me I would be fine. It was very comforting. After I was moved to the second floor, I had two nurses that took great care of me. They made sure my pain level was tolerable, and they helped me and cared for me just as well as the nurses on third floor.

I later found out just how potentially fatal the situation could have been. Both Dr. Enloe, as well as the on-call physician Dr. Kryns, said had I not been in the hospital, it could have been fatal to both the baby and/or me.

My husband and I are so grateful for the nursing staff that took care of us. Besides being quick to respond, they were very kind and caring during the whole ordeal. If it weren't for Dr. Enloe and the nurses, we may not be here today.

My husband and I feel the nurses were our angels watching over us, so we gave them each special angel pins in appreciation.

With Great Gratitude,

Robert and Jennifer Scoles and baby Matthew of Hanford

'I Will Never Forget Your Great Love and Ministry'

Dear Friends of Adventist Health Home Care and Hospice Services:

Words cannot express the gratitude and praise I have for each of your staff that ministered to Geneva, my family and me during the last days of Geneva's time with us.

I have nothing but praise and admiration for the loving, compassionate and competent care given to Geneva and also to my family and me. I refer to each staff member as an angel because of their dedication and commitment to excellence.

Each person that entered our home has earned our respect and is worthy of special recognition and praise. I am sure I will miss acknowledging everyone, but I will mention those I can remember by name. Jessica, Geneva's Case Manager, meant so much to us because she was here so often. Her loving, thoughtful, competent and pleasant response to our every need went above and beyond anything we expected. And her attributes and skills were exemplified by other staff members like Rebecca, Rosie and Beckie. It was especially meaningful to have Rosie attend the memorial service for Geneva.

I must apologize for forgetting other staff personnel by name. Each deserves special recognition. Their ministry to Geneva was very appreciated, but the stress and grief I experienced each day - and my failing memory - has not allowed me to bring each one to my mind.

Please know that you all are very much loved and appreciated and that I will never forget - never forget your great love and ministry.

With a grateful heart,

Donald L. Bengtson of Lemoore

'A Hug Goes a Long Way'


I was recently admitted to Adventist Medical Center - Hanford for nosebleeds, which as a nurse, I never would have thought it could be that bad! I was admitted the Friday before Christmas. I thought that it would be a quick day or two and I would be home. Unfortunately that night, I once again started bleeding and had to have emergency surgery. I was all alone when this happened because my husband had just left to check on our kids. I was scared and tired.

A nurse saw how shaken up I was and that I was alone. She asked if I would like a hug and I shook my head "yes." She gave me the most wonderful hug and told me everything was going to be OK. I know that it wasn't a "medical thing" she did, but that support and reassurance was what I needed. It meant so much to me! She didn't take care of me the rest of my stay, but made it a point to stop by my room a couple of days later just to say hello and see how I was.

There was one other person that I am grateful for: The night charge nurse. My nosebleeds tended to happen at night and they were always very scary for me. When I would call for help, the charge nurse always took time to come and check on me. It was so comforting to know that she was there watching out for me.

All the people who cared for me touched my life forever. I get misty-eyed just thinking of this time period that was so scary for me and knowing that my fellow Adventist Health employees made such a difference in my life.

Cricket Lyles, RN, is the Clinical Manager for Adventist Health / Home Care and Hospice in Hanford.

'I felt very safe and well cared for…'


Virginia Lowe was content. The Lemoore patient felt happy, well-rested and safe as she recovered from surgery for seven days at Adventist Medical Center - Hanford.

"I made it a point not to ask the doctor when I was expected to go home. I said to him: 'Don't tell me when I'm going home because I'm safe here!' I felt very safe and well cared for, and those are the things you want," she said.

Virginia's experience began when she noticed persistent abdominal pain. Her primary physician discovered she had a non-functioning gallbladder that had to be removed.

Just in case, surgeon Dr. Ying Chien Lee ordered additional tests before surgery so there wouldn't be any surprises. There was a surprise. The tests showed that Virginia had a large cyst near her pancreas.

"Dr. Lee discovered the cyst because he went the extra mile," she said. "When I found out what the cyst was and how large it was, I was so thankful that the Lord placed me in Dr. Lee's hands to remove it."

Dr. Lee removed the cyst on May 24, and pathology results later confirmed it wasn't cancerous. Because of the cyst removal, Virginia had to stay in the hospital longer than usual to recover, and was surprised by the positive experience.

"I had never been in a hospital before, aside from getting lab work done, so it was unknown to me," she said.

"The staff at the hospital were WONDERFUL!!!," she wrote in an email to our network. "From the RNs, to aides [and] cleaning staff, everyone was gracious and encouraging!"

Virginia also saw that she wasn't the only one who was treated well. Staff were very kind to the patient in the next room who never had visitors. "They recognized they were her family."

Virginia was comforted knowing that she had a great team to care for her and a surgeon who checked on her twice a day everyday.

"I knew God was with me the whole time," she said. "I really felt God's divine protection throughout the process."

The nightly chaplain's message over the hospital's intercom put her at peace before she fell asleep each night, and the interactive GetWellNetwork system connected Virginia to the outside world, allowing her to access the Internet and watch her church's worship service as if she never were away.

"It made it easy for me to take ownership of my recovery," she said.

Two months later, Virginia is well and is enjoying riding horses again.

Dear Colleagues and Nursing Staff,


Throughout my life, I was fortunate to be healthy. I never had surgery, not even an IV placed in me as far as I could remember. As a surgeon, I have performed numerous surgeries, but never knew how it felt to be a patient, to be on the other side. Well, be careful what you wish for. I herniated my L5-S1 this past year. My first reaction was just like anyone's reaction: deny it and try to avoid it. Fortunately, pain resolved and I was able to function for a good 4 or 5 months. Suddenly, I woke up with severe pain, pain unimaginable by any standards. My right leg was almost paralyzed. I could not move or stand... At that point, I realized that I could no longer ignore this, and must have emergent surgery: a decision that was nerve-racking for anyone who never had surgery before. I was fortunate to know Dr. Anuj Varshney, who made every effort to accommodate me. I was able to have surgery by the best spine surgeon I know, with phenomenal surgery crews who I worked with on a weekly basis, and with excellent nursing care on the floor that was no less than any care in the Valley. I was so fortunate to be a patient of Adventist Medical Center - Hanford, and my family was very thankful for the care that I received here. By the way, my wife also had three surgeries here, so we were very familiar with the excellent care provided at this hospital. Our staff should be proud with the care that they provided to our patients. I was able to walk around on the same day of surgery. The very next day, I walked out of the hospital and went home. My first experience as a patient was incredible, thanks to our good surgeon, surgery crews, and the nursing staff.

I do not wish this excruciating pain and crippling condition on anyone. But if you get this condition due to any unfortunate reason, do not be afraid; we have a fine surgeon and team that are ready to take good care of you.

Your friend and patient,

Kenny Mai, MD

Ministering by iPhone


As an employee of Adventist Health, I find myself with opportunities to not only heal people physically but minister to them spiritually.

I don't mean ministering as in holding a Bible and preaching, but taking the time to reach out to someone outside the realm of health care, to simply be there for them in a time of need and minister the way Christ is famous for...just taking opportunities to spend time with people and free them from their fears.

One of these opportunities happened when a developmentally challenged patient was about to have a surgical procedure. She was scared. Her parents couldn't be there at the time of her surgery, which didn't help. You could tell she just felt alone and terrified.

To calm her down, we talked to her about movies and music...just to get her mind off of things. While telling us about her favorite music and movies, she mentioned she loved the popular singer Justin Bieber.

I walked to my locker to grab my iPhone so she could listen to her favorite music on the way to the Operating Room.

When I brought it to her, immediately I could tell she was put at ease. She smiled and forgot about her fear, forgot her parents couldn't be there and was just... happy. She even sang to herself all the way to the Operating Room.

To me, getting the music was such a small gesture, but it really meant the world to her. It's the small things we do for people that make the biggest difference.

Cassie Martin, RN, Surgical Services

Adventist Medical Center - Hanford

To Whom it May Concern,


I just wanted to write and say that I had the most pleasant time at your hospital that I could have ever imagined.

I was in a motorcycle accident and went to three hospitals that would not fix my broken ankle before finding heaven in Hanford. I broke my talus bone and no doctors wanted to work on me because I did not have medical insurance and had little to no money.

The care started the second I stepped out of the car and was greeted by three people, one with a wheel chair, before I could even get into the front door. I was wheeled directly to the Emergency Room and saw Dr. [Lancy] Allyn who told me that he knew I needed surgery soon and that it was complicated and he wanted to call in a friend who was a very talented surgeon to help.

Before I knew it I was admitted and given every comfort and more than I could imagine. Even the food was amazing and the whole staff was so courteous. I felt like an honored guest. What impressed me even more were the bedside Bible verses.

I have now had my surgery and the healing has begun. I still have more surgeries ahead of me but after being someone who hated hospitals and doctors I now am happy (sort of) to be having to come back to the hospital and see all the friendly smiling familiar faces again.

Thank you all so much especially Dr. [Charles] Craft. I don't know how or when I will be able to repay the hospital and Dr. Craft but when I am up and walking again I would like to know of any way I can volunteer to help out at the hospital in any way I can.


Kenny Edwards, Patient

Positive Comments

The following positive comments were collected from patient surveys. The responses are to the question: Is there anything else you would like to say about the care you received?

Adventist Health Hanford

"I specifically asked to go to this facility because in the past 2 years everyone there has treated me so kind. I love the entire staff. They are knowledgeable, approachable and always made me feel comfortable." - Patient

Adventist Health Selma

"My doctor was great, nurses were good, hospital and facility was clean. My procedure went so smooth. God was with me and He was definitely in the place. Praise God!" - Patient

Adventist Health Reedley

"Imaging Department experience was great. Staff was very thorough, informative, friendly and absolutely wonderful!" - Patient