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Adventist Health in the Central Valley is committed to providing patients with a consistent and exceptional experience, every time. With our patients and their families at the heart of what we do, our patient experience is designed to encompass what our patients want the most from us when they are in our care.

Based on years of research to better understand the voice of our patients and families, our patient experience builds on our Adventist Health values by focusing on “Five Patient Requests:”

  • Love me: Practice empathy. Accept me and meet me where I am. Care for me with kindness, patience and compassion.
  • Hear me: Take the time to understand me, my circumstance and my needs.
  • Partner with me: Empower me to engage in my health, work with me, not on me.
  • Keep me safe: I trust you to put my safety above everything else. Advocate for me.
  • Put me first: Make it easier to access the care I need. Help me overcome barriers created by processes and structure.

As the care team at Adventist Health, we commit to fulfilling the “Five Patient Requests” as a central part of our mission of living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope.

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