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Occupational Medicine

At Adventist Health Castle Urgent Care, we deliver a unique approach to Workers’ Compensation services with a focus on the efficient use of resources through collaborative and comprehensive care. We work in tandem with the employee, employer, and payer to ensure that all services are delivered seamlessly.

Our occupational health physicians treat injuries and then immediately begin follow up care. Eliminating the delay between first injury and follow up care is crucial to helping people get better faster so they can return to work sooner. Our referral network utilizes providers who are in alignment with our values and goals to deliver the best, most cost-effective care.

We work to ensure that each employee is returned to an active productive life. Early, accurate diagnosis is vital when injury or illness occurs. Our goal is to save time and money for companies and employees while providing essential care.

With our occupational medicine services, safety comes first. However, when an injury happens, prompt, seamless care is essential for the best recovery outcomes.

Companies are invited to tour the facility, meet our staff, and learn about Occupational Health and Workers’ Comp offered by Urgent Care Hawaii.


Your employees receive great medical care that is convenient and affordable. Our services include ready to work physicals, drug testing, lab testing, first aid, urgent care and more. We provide many of the same services as an emergency room, at fraction of the cost.

Our goal is to treat patients comfortably and as quickly without sacrificing the quality of medical care.

Contact us to discuss the special needs of your company and employees.

Workers Compensation

Many employers have a pressing need to lower their workers’ compensation costs. An effective managed workers’ compensation program can reduce these costs by 40 percent or more.

Adventist Health Castle Urgent Care takes a collaborative approach to treating injured workers. Three branches of coordinated care Employee, the Employer, and the Provider Team create a solid partnership with the common goal of restoring the employee back to health and back to full employment.

Our Workers’ Compensation program has three goals which reduce the cost of Workers’ Compensation for the employer and employee:

  • Provide optimal care to the injured worker. We use evidence-based interventions focused on outcomes to enhance employees’ recovery.
  • Reduce the cost of Workers’ Compensation Program to employers. Using all resources efficiently, Adventist Health Castle Urgent Care eliminates waste in the current care delivery system and lowers the cost of care for everyone.
  • Minimize time lost on the job. We streamline the care process to ensure delays in treatment are eliminated, while expediting focused treatment and positive outcomes. Adventist Health Castle Urgent Care will notify you, the employer, both by phone and by written communication after each employee visit. You will always know the status and progress of each injured worker.

Lost work time resulting from injury can create financial hardships for employees and their families. Research shows that the quicker an injured worker gets back to work after an injury, the sooner they experience a full recovery!

Adventist Health Castle Urgent Care is committed to restoring employee health and returning employees to work quickly and safely. Injuries are treated seamlessly from the first to last visit so employees can get back to work as soon as possible.

Occupational Medicine Forms

We also offer a wide range of Employer Paid Services

  • Physical Exams (Pre-employment, Return-to-work)
  • CDL Medical Exams with Certificate (Now offering scheduled CDL physicals!)
  • On-site X-ray at our Pearl City and Kapolei Locations
  • Drug Screening (DOT, Non-DOT, and Instant *Within minutes!)
  • Alcohol Screening (DOT and Non-DOT)
  • Immunizations
  • Procedures
  • Respiratory Fit Test
  • First Aid

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