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Cancer care in O’ahu

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When a cancer diagnosis comes to you or a loved one, you deserve to know that you will not be alone. Fighting cancer is a group effort between you, your physician, your oncology care team and your loved ones. Together, we can help you figure out the best course of treatment and focus on both managing the symptoms of cancer while coming up with ways to remove it once and for all.

Adventist Health Castle’s Infusion Center is a hospital based ambulatory care center. The clinic supports Castle’s mission and philosophy by maintaining standards of excellence in nursing practice and by providing the understanding and emotional support our patients need, even outside of active therapy. The center offers a wide range of cancer treatments, including the most advanced IV infusion therapies.

Outpatient services that the clinic provides include:

  • Administration of chemotherapy and immunotherapy
  • IV Antibiotics and/or medications
  • Hydration with and without additives
  • Blood product transfusion
  • Intramuscular and subcutaneous injection
  • Therapeutic phlebotomy

The infusion center is located in Adventist Health Castle and is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. For more information, please call (808) 263-5275.

Know your goals for cancer treatment

Cancer is a unique disease where abnormal cells can grow and invade normal tissue. Chemotherapy targets these abnormal, fast-growing cells to stop or slow cancer from spreading. There are also other drugs that are used to treat cancer in different ways, including targeted therapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy.

Cancer treatments often come with noticeable side effects because the methods used to destroy cancer cells can destroy healthy ones as well. As a result, cancer treatments can take their toll on patients.

Your Adventist Health Castle cancer team understands the importance of helping patients through their treatment. We can help you manage the side effects while helping you fight cancer. Whether your goal is to live a higher quality of life or eliminate cancer for good, our team will be by your side, every step of the way.