Adventist Health

Recruitment FAQs

Applying for Jobs

  • How do I apply for a job?
    • Click Here to visit our job search page
    • Select the job posting you would like to apply to.
    • Select “Apply Now”.
    • When prompted, enter your email address.
    • If you have a resume available, select “Resume” next to “Profile Import” and select your resume to import.
    • Enter all requested information.
    • Select 'Add Resume' to attach a resume. Select 'Add Cover Letter' to attach a cover letter. In the 'Link 1' space, enter the URL of a webpage if desired. We suggest adding your LinkedIn, portfolio, or other relevant pages.
    • When done, select “Submit”.
  • What if I don’t have access to a computer?
    • We have computers available on our campus for candidates to use to submit applications. Additionally, your local library often provides computers for public use.
  • What should I include on my resume?
    • We want to learn more about you. Please start by including your contact information (a valid phone and email address), past work experience and time in role (industry, size and scope of previous employer a plus), relevant education and active licenses/certifications. A simple resume design is great, and no need to include any photos.
  • What should I expect after I have submitted my application?
    • You will receive an email confirmation once you have submitted your application and a member of the Talent Acquisition team will review.
  • How do I check the status of my application?
    • Our Talent Acquisition team regularly reviews job submissions. If you have any questions or concerns about your application, please email our team at
  • How frequently are new jobs posted?
    • We are committed to posting our positions as soon as they are available. This means that our job postings may change weekly if not daily, so we encourage you to check our careers site frequently.
  • Is there a limit to the number of jobs to which I can apply?
    • No, however we encourage applicants to apply for positions that they are qualified for and passionate about. Additionally, each job application requires its own individual submission.
  • What are the recommended internet browsers for filling out applications?
    • We recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for the easiest application process.

The Recruitment Process

  • Tips from the TA Team:
    • When prepping for you interview, make sure to research the job you applied for and its requirements as well as your interviewer. Having this background will show you care about the position you applied to and will make you feel more comfortable! Elect for professional attire, and if you aren’t sure reach out to your recruiter for advice. In your interview, be prepared to answer questions about your resume and previous work experience, explain why you applied, and have questions ready to ask the interviewer. We know our total rewards are important to you and you will have the opportunity to speak with a recruiter about all we have to offer.
  • My interview is virtual, how do I prepare?
    • We want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your interview, so set yourself up for success. Place your device in a well-lit and quiet place so your interviewer can easily see and hear you. Test your computer, camera and microphone prior to your interview. Finally, virtual interviews should be treated like in-person interviews so dress for success. Good luck!
  • How do you protect my personal information?
    • We take our candidates privacy seriously and we will never share your information with anyone external to our organization.