Adventist Health and Rideout Honors August 2023 DAISY Award Winners

Sep 6, 2023


The DAISY Award is an international program that rewards and celebrates the extraordinary compassion and skillful care given by nurses every day. Adventist Health and Rideout is proud to be a DAISY Award partner.

DAISY Award honorees personify the remarkable Adventist Health and Rideout patient experience. These nurses consistently demonstrate excellence through their clinical expertise and extraordinary compassionate care, and they are recognized as outstanding role models in our nursing community.

Juana SalomonDAISY Recipient: Juana Salomon

Department: CVICU
Nominated by: Candice Ocel, RN

Candice Ocel: “I wanted to take a moment to nominate an extraordinary nurse named Juana for this special recognition. Juana is a CVICU nurse who possesses an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. Time and time again, she has proven herself to be a shining example of what a great nurse should be. Whenever anyone on the unit needs help or advice, she is always their first go-to person. Her dedication to her colleagues and patients is truly remarkable. With her excellent critical thinking skills, she navigates complex situations with ease, ensuring the best possible outcomes for her patients.

"But what truly sets Juana apart is her genuine care and compassion for those in her care. She goes above and beyond to make sure her patients feel supported, comforted, and understood. Her ability to connect with people on a personal level is truly a gift. Juana embodies every quality that makes a nurse exceptional. From her work ethic to her unwavering commitment to patient well-being, she is an inspiration to us all. Nursing is not just a job for Juana; it is a calling that she embraces wholeheartedly. Her contributions to the nursing profession are invaluable, and her impact on the lives of her patients is immeasurable. I will include comments from other nurses that work with her below, highlighting why they also find her deserving of the award.”

  • "Juana is a whole-hearted, wise, and diligent nurse who is constantly seeking to help others, whether patients and their families or colleagues. She joyfully and generously gives of herself without seeking recognition or thanks, making all those around her feel valued. We’re blessed and so grateful for her presence!“
  • “Juana is one of the strongest and most compassionate nurses I have met. She always anticipates the needs of her patients and coworkers and goes above and beyond to contribute to our team to make it a great shift. It is always a pleasure to work with her and I personally have learned to stop and think of the little things that can make such a positive impact on the day."
  • "There are not enough great words to say about Juana. She is everyone’s favorite nurse she goes above and beyond for her coworkers, for the doctors, and for her patients."
  • “Juana is an extraordinary nurse! She is the first one up when a new patient arrives to the floor. She goes out of her way to help and never questions anything that is asked of her. She will stay late or come in early when we are short staffed. She is truly a blessing!“
  • “Juana is who I aspire to be when I grow up as a nurse. She is knowledgeable and shares that knowledge freely and without judgement. She is always kind, going the extra mile for patients: doing their hair, painting their nails, talking to them, and holding their hands to comfort them. She provides excellent care and then also adds a personal human touch which helps heal her patient's body and soul. She is the unit ninja who swoops in to help when anyone asks but also fixes issues you didn't even know you needed help with, she is that good. She picks up extra to help when the unit is short and stays late if needed. She is easily the most valuable nurse on our unit!"

Lovedeep SinghDAISY Recipient: Lovedeep Singh

Department: ICU
Nominated by: Jennifer Crawford, patient’s sister

Jennifer Crawford: “My sister was a patient in the hospital for several days. She became a rapid response on the floor then moved to ICU for several days, where she was intubated and was in critical condition. At one point after discussion with a physician we were unsure if she would survive a procedure due to the nature of her condition.

Lovedeep took care of my sister on a Saturday, and he was amazing. He went above and beyond to keep me in the loop with her care and condition. He called me multiple times that day with any changes that occurred or just to update me of her status. We had a family meeting that morning that he was also involved in, and he was so compassionate and legitimately cared about our family. I never felt as though we were bothering him or that he didn't have time to help answer any questions. For an RN to stay connected with me like he did, meant the absolute world to me. I was then able to update our family, especially our parents which was so helpful in keeping them comforted knowing she was being well taken care of. He was a shining star on a really bad day, and I will be forever grateful for the kindness and compassion he showed. He is the true definition of a devoted, caring registered nurse.”

Sally PaulDAISY Nurse Leader Recipient: Sally Paul

Department: CVICU
Nominated by: Mandy Purewal

Mandy Purewal: “I would like to nominate Sally for a nurse leader award. Since becoming CC, she has taken so much responsibility and has really uplifted our unit. She takes all our new hires under her wing and ensures that they are doing OK during her shift and takes the time to sit with them and tell them what they need to work on. Her staff trust her and appreciate her so much, because she is on the floors with us in all our rooms, giving us breaks and lunches when needed. She goes above and beyond for her nurses; she is a true example of what a leader should be.

"New studies have shown that workers will stay where they feel like their management appreciates them and they feel heard. With Sally, we all do. We love having her as our clinical coordinator. Thank you for all that you do for us, we appreciate it and respect you.”

DAISY Team Award: CVICU and RT

(pictured at the top of the page)
Nominated by: Christina Ray-Strunk
Special recognition Kaitlyn Irwin, Sarah Belmonte, Blong Vang

Christina Ray-Strunk: "I watched this amazing team of the respiratory therapist and nurses go above and beyond to love and care for a patient. The patient came to the unit in a very weakened state and on a ventilator. Together this amazing team worked to establish trust and confidence with this patient. They worked collaboratively to find all the equipment necessary to give his mobility back to him. His trust and faith in his healthcare team got this patient out of bed and into a chair looking out a window. The difference this made in his quality of outcome and in his demeanor was nothing short of a miracle. His family rejoiced in seeing him out of bed and in a chair and even taking steps around his room. When they were praised for their efforts, they were unaware they had done anything but what was the obvious right thing to do. They deserve to be recognized for their compassionate care. They truly elevated their patient in mind, body, and spirit.

“This is just one of many examples of how the Nursing team and Respiratory team come together to care for their patients."