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Hands-Only CPR

You ​Can Save a Life!

Here are the 7 basic steps you should know when you find anyone down that may need your help!

  1. Check responsiveness (Shake and shout: Are you alright?)
  2. Place person on the ground on their back.
  3. Tell someone to call-9-1-1 or if alone call 9-1-1 yourself.
  4. Position yourself close to the person with your knees touching their arm or chest.
  5. Lace your hands together and place on the center/middle of the person’s chest.
  6. Push hard and fast (to beat of Staying Alive with a goal of 100 times a minute and 2 inches deep.)
  7. Keep going until help arrives.

Please know - the only way to make the person worse is to do nothing!

You can start immediately and tell 9-1-1 responders when they arrive to take the patient to Adventist Health Bakersfield’s nationally accredited Resuscitation Center!