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Medication management for your cancer

As you undergo treatment for cancer, you may take a multitude of medications at the same time. Some of these medications may play a role in the treatment of cancer, while others help ease cancer pain or side effects. Some may control other conditions that have nothing to do with cancer.

At the AIS Cancer Center, our cancer center pharmacy will help streamline your cancer care and help you stay healthy.

Expert advice for cancer medications

Your pharmacist plays a key role in the treatment of your cancer. At the AIS Cancer Center, you have access to the only community-based, board-certified oncology pharmacist in Kern County, who works with your oncologist to choose the right medications to treat your cancer.

Our pharmacist is a cancer medication expert—up-to-date on the latest research concerning cancer therapy and treatment side effects. That in-depth knowledge can help ease the impact of cancer therapy. When chemotherapy treatments make you queasy, your pharmacist prescribes the right anti-nausea medication, and then calls to make sure you're feeling better.

Your pharmacist can also help you deal with other common side effects, including anemia, depression and pain.

Safety you can trust

If you're undergoing chemotherapy, our pharmacy technicians prepare your medication doses on site, using high-efficiency equipment that delivers accurate doses in totally sterile environments. That means your powerful cancer-fighting drugs will be prepared safely and correctly.

Since the risk of a medication interaction rises with every new drug you take, your pharmacist is always on alert for your health and safety. When you fill a prescription, your pharmacist will look through your medical records and make sure your therapies don't conflict. If your pharmacist spots a problem, a quick call to your doctor will resolve the issue. Your pharmacist will also develop a dosing schedule, so you'll know what to take at what time.

Even herbal medications and over-the-counter medications can conflict with your cancer treatments. Your pharmacist will review all the vitamins, supplements and other drugs you take, and help head off problems before they start.

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