Special care for those who need it.

If you need a physician or specialist for any reason, please contact our Physician Referral number at (323) 265-5050.

Our specialty outpatient clinic is designed for patients at a higher risk of admission.

Patients are identified as high-risk by their provider and referred to our High-Risk Outpatient Clinic. Our staff will give these patients exceptional support during their transition to general outpatient care.


We accept patients with all diagnoses. Typical High-Risk Outpatient Clinic patients include those who:

• Have frequent hospitalizations

• Routinely utilize the Emergency Room

• Have a medically complex condition and/or high-maintenance condition like unstable or poorly controlled Diab, HTN, COPD, or CHF (and others)

• Have poor compliance.


Our job is to provide the “extra” care that some patients need to break out of the cycle of emergency room visits, hospital admissions, and take control of their health.

Clinic patients will be seen in the outpatient setting as much as is required to help them stay out of the hospital. Our clinic schedules allow the doctor to spend an hour or more with new patients and 30 minutes or more with follow-up patients.

Our staff provide additional support, telemanagement visits, and caregiver education. We help address social issues and aid with barriers to care such as transportation issues. Our goal is to help patients understand and maximize their health plan benefits.


While patients are treated at the High-Risk Outpatient Clinic, we coordinate all of their care, including prescription refills, post hospital specialty visits, and follow-up with their Primary Care Provider.


Our physician will send a note to the Primary Care Provider after every visit to our clinic.


All of the High-Risk Outpatient Clinic patients will be discharged back to their Primary Care Provider. Our physicians will complete a thorough discharge note including a plan for ongoing care. No matter the reason for discharge, the clinic will work to ensure a smooth transition of care. All patients will also receive discharge instructions, an updated copy of their medications, and an ongoing plan of care.


We value Primary Care Physicians as partners in our program. Referring patients to our clinics is easy. Notify your Case Management Team and they will evaluate the patient need for referral. The case manager will coordinate with our office and set up the appointment.


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