There have been many positive changes since the Planetree Model was adopted by Adventist Health White Memorial many years ago.

Now, as the Planetree Movement accelerates into full swing here at Adventist Health White Memorial the changes and progress continue to spring forward.

We are very excited to watch the growth and new developments as this movement gains momentum.

Some of the changes that have occurred due to the Planetree movement include:

  • White Boards in pts rooms
  • Family lounges and family sleepovers
  • Pet Therapy
  • Healing Gardens
  • Apple Bowl @ Concierge desk
  • Large aesthetically pleasing waiting rooms
  • Inviting front entrance to medical center
  • Community Education classes
  • Community Education Brochures
  • Help Program - helping children 5- 12 learn healthy eating/lifestyles
  • Dodgers Visits to peds
  • LA Opera
  • Memory boxes for families who lose their babies
  • Paper Roses
  • Cancer pt. makeovers
  • Pallative care with Dr. Ishmael

For staff specifically:

  • Planetree Retreats
  • WMMC Picnic
  • Fitness Room
  • Massage Monday for staff
  • Unit Based Councils
  • Wellness Program
  • Optifast