Heart Treatment & Procedures

Interventional Cardiology

White Memorial Medical Center's Catheterization labs offer non-surgical methods to treat heart conditions. Four state of the art procedure rooms offer diagnostic and interventional services that include:

Coronary Artery Disease Diagnosis:

Diagnosis of coronary artery disease with angioplasty, is with the insertion of a small tube into the heart through the arteries in the arm or groin
Intravascular ultrasound, is a diagnostic imaging procedure that takes place within the arteries of the heart

Coronary Artery Disease Treatment:

Angioplasty is the dilatation of the artery using a balloon catheter
Stent implantation (bare metal and drug eluding)

Heart Arrhythmia Diagnosis and Treatment:

Electrophysiology studies is the placement of electrodes within the heart to study its electrical function

Cardioversion is the stimulation of the heart to beat normally using electrical current
Radiofrequency ablation is destruction of areas of the heart that are causing arrhythmias
Pacemaker implantation is the insertion of a device to regulate the heartbeat
Automatic Implantation Cardioverter Defibrillator (AICD)

Peripheral Artery Disease:

Diagnosis and percutaneous treatment of peripheral arteries

Cardiac Surgery

If Surgery is required, White Memorial Hospital has outstanding physicians with options for coronary artery bypass and valve replacement. Our surgical team provides a multidisciplinary approach with compassionate care before, during and after surgery. Our commitment is to deliver the best patient care while providing quality information and education regarding the illness and treatment options:

Heart Surgery

For more information on the services or to view a list of physicians, please call our bilingual referral line at (323) 260-5808.