Women's Imaging Center

The newly renovated and updated Women's Imaging Center was licensed on July 18th by the Department of Health Services (DHS). The center is located on the 1st floor of MOB Plaza II adjacent to the Los Angeles Imaging Center. The following services will be offered: screening mammography, diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasonography, and osteoporosis screening/bone densitometry (DEXA scan).

General x-rays and general ultrasounds will continue to be done in the Specialty Care Tower (SCT) of the main hospital until the construction for those outpatient imaging procedures is complete in a few months at which time those services will move from the SCT to the basement floor in MOB Plaza II.

The newest technology, including "breast tomosynthesis" will be offered at this facility in the coming months. Breast tomosynthesis provides multiple images of the breast - similar to CT scanning - without additional x-ray imaging of the breast. This provides exceptional visualization of the breast tissue at different levels providing much improved detection of breast pathology.