Cancer Imaging Services

Diagnostic Imaging Services at White Memorial are linked with the other service areas electronically for ease of service schedule and reporting of procedures. Some services are provided primarily in the Outpatient Imaging Service areas which include Los Angeles Advanced Imaging, Women's Imaging Center, and Outpatient Imaging. These three services are all located in MOB Plaza II on the main campus at 1701 E. Cesar Chavez Ave.

Of particular note, the PET/CT provides exceptional imaging services in the diagnosis and staging of certain cancers. This center is connected to the Cancer Center via hallways and a one floor elevator trip. The 3.0 Tesla MRI capability in this center provides exceptional imaging of cancer processes, cardiac imaging, musculoskeletal (orthopedic/sports medicine) and spinal imaging. The co-location of the outpatient diagnostic imaging/radiology services on campus, and near doctors' offices and other services of White facilitate access for the patients, and with the electronic capability to transfer information and images enhance our support of all services provided and White. The outpatient services operate in conjunction with the "in-hospital" diagnostic imaging services, which further enhances our capability to provide advanced technology in all areas of diagnostic imaging and radiology services.