Cancer Support Services

Latina Support Groups

White Memorial Medical Center is helping many Latina women diagnosed with breast cancer overcome cultural barriers through a unique Spanish Language Breast Cancer Support Group.
Part of the hospitals comprehensive cancer services program, the Latina Breast Cancer Support Group provides a great service to women in need of an outlet to share their feelings, concerns and fears with others who have, or have had, cancer.
Cultural barriers often prevent Latinas from discussing their fears with their family, leading to isolation and sometimes other health problems.
During weekly meetings, group participants, with the guidance and expertise of a licensed clinical social worker, provide each other with encouragement and support in a friendly, non-threatening environment. Guest speakers are invited to present pertinent information related to cancer and other health issues.
The Spanish Language Breast Cancer Support Group has helped many women cope and go on living positive lives after being diagnosed with breast cancer.
White Memorial also participates in the Breast Cancer Early Detection (BCED) Program. For those who qualify (based on age and family income), the BCED Program offers free mammograms and follow-up to eligible women. To find out how you can join the Latina Breast Cancer Support Group, or for more information about the Breast Cancer Early Detection Program, please call (323) 307-8523.

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