I Will Take Personal Responsibility To Ensure The Safety Of Patients, Co-Workers And All Others I Come Into Contact With At Work.

I do all I can to create a safe environment for my patients and colleagues. I listen to what they say, and I act on their feedback.

Our patients assume they're coming to a safe place, and they put their trust in us to make sure this is true. I take their trust very seriously and take personal responsibility for making good judgments about their safety.

For example, I make sure that I'm using the right equipment and that it's functioning properly. And if it's not working correctly, I believe it's my responsibility to tell my supervisor right away. I also make sure that patient charts are put away properly so they're accessible immediately to the other caregivers on the unit when they need them.

Every day, I try to give 100 percent to my patients and colleagues, because that's what I would want from others.

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