Our Promise

Our Promise To Our Patients, Our Community And Each Other.

Those of us who work and practice medicine at White Memorial share a common bond. We are a family of devoted professionals who believe strongly in the mission and values of our hospital. By remaining committed to our faith and mission and embracing our six guiding principles, we are fulfilling our promise to the people we serve - and to each other.

As a Seventh-day Adventist medical center, we are a family of caring professionals serving our community with a passion for excellence, a spirit of Christian service and a commitment to medical education.

I'm proud to tell my patients, friends and colleagues of my life-long connection with White Memorial. I was born here and have had the opportunity to pursue my medical mission here for more than 25 years.

Although Boyle Heights and White Memorial have significantly changed since my first memories as a child, one thing has remained the same: our passion for providing excellent care.

White Memorial is different from other hospitals, and it's because of the people who work here. Our patients know we truly care about them. I'm convinced it's our belief in a higher sense of purpose and our faith in both spiritual and physical healing that make the difference. Year after year, I see our mission brought to life.

This is why White Memorial is the place where my entire family and I choose to receive our medical care. We trust and love the people who work here. They are my second family, and White Memorial is my second home.