Highest Standards

I Will Reach For The Highest Standards In My Work.

Excellence means reaching for the highest standards in everything we do. It extends beyond the use of high technology - it includes the personal touch of a healing hand. It's defined by the way each of us cares for our patients and their families and helps them through the journey they take with us.

Excellence means we're never content with doing just enough to get by. It not only means doing our work in the hospital, but also partnering with others to find new ways of investing in our community and meeting the needs of the people we serve.

As a cancer survivor, I saw my family faced with life changes because of my illness. Both of my daughters worked at White Memorial at the time. The hospital staff embraced my family, helped them, educated them and empowered them with the courage they needed to take this journey with me. Those employees were reaching for the highest standards, and I will always remember that.

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