Workforce Development

Bank of America Workforce Development Program

Bank of America Workforce Development Program White Memorial Medical Center Charitable Foundation

Volunteers gather for a photo outside the Volunteer Office before heading off to take up assigned duties.

With a $1 million grant from the Bank of America in 2007, the WMMC Charitable Foundation was able to create the Workforce Development Program, a multi-faceted effort to provide career training and education for local residents; skills training for entry level employees and an opportunity for local high school and college students to gain valuable skill as Volunteers at White Memorial.

Since that time, more than 700 young people have participated as White Memorial volunteers, serving in supporting roles in both clinical and nonclinical areas. For many, the experience is their first glimpse of a real workplace, providing them a view to medical professionals and teams collaborating to make critical decisions, while serving the needs of the people in their own community.

For many of these youngsters, the experience is life-changing. A growing core of participants continues voluntary service beyond the requirements for high school graduation, pursuing larger responsibilities and learning while continuing their education. Click here to learn more about the Volunteer Program.

Some have joined the Bank of America Career Pathway Intern Program, also funded by B of A; the new program provides for more in depth experience, including interaction with patients, families and nursing staff on the patient floors. This experience provides a natural next step in experiential education, particularly for those interested in pursuing a career in health care. Participants earn a small stipend to assist with educational expenses.

Some have been recruited by the hospital to become full time employees, taking their first steps towards greater self-reliance, a potential career path, and a productive future.

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