Residency Overview

Inpatient experiences include rotations on General Medicine and the Pulmonary/ICU services. In addition, there are assignments to medical subspecialties which include both inpatient consultation and daily care responsibilities.

Outpatient experiences include a continuity clinic for residents in internal
medicine, in which they provide ongoing care for patients during the three
years of the residency program. Each resident spends one half day per week
in his/her continuity clinic. In addition, there are outpatient rotations as part
of each medical sub-specialty, the emergency medicine, geriatrics and
neurology 4 week rotations.

All Senior residents will take 4 weeks of the following sub-specialties:
cardiology, endocrinology and nephrology. In addition, third year residents
will have the opportunity to rotate in hematology, infectious diseases and

For a more detailed description of the services, please read below.

Patient exam

Ward Services

Three inpatient medicine teams provide care on the general medicine floors. A teaching ward attending along with a senior or junior resident and one or two interns form the team.

Intensive Care Unit

A single team formed by the ICU director, a senior resident, and two interns provides care exclusively to the critically ill.

Call Schedule

The three ward teams and the ICU team share call. Each team is on-call every fourth night from 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. All teams are exempt from new admissions on the post call day. The ICU team admits critical patients until 3 p.m. every day, unless exempt. A new NIGHT SHIFT system has been implemented.

Days Off

Following Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education guidelines, each intern or resident must have a full day off every 7 days. Our program strictly adheres to this guideline, and in general, interns are off at least one day per week.

Subspecialty Services

Interns and residents rotating through the different medical subspecialties participate in a consultative service. They have limited primary patient care responsibilities.

Outpatient Services

Categorical interns and residents have a one half day per week outpatient continuity clinic. This gives our residents the opportunity to provide ongoing care for their patients over the three year period. A special outpatient care rotation is reserved for the senior residents. During that period, they gain better exposure to office gynecology, dermatology, outpatient orthopedics, psychiatry, adolescent medicine, ophthalmology, etc.

NRMP Codes

Internal Medicine Preliminary 104015
Internal Medicine Categorical 104016

Library Resources

Courville-Abbott Memorial Library is our main medical library. It houses 44,000 volumes in the fields of the hospital's specialties and related subjects. Services such as computerized literature search, interlibrary loans, photocopying, slide production and audiovisual are available to the house staff on a 24 hour basis.
James P. Drinkard Medicine Library is located in the internal medicine office area. While providing up to date medicine textbooks and Internal Medicine Board Review Materials, the main emphasis is to incorporate computer advances and multimedia resources into medical education.